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21 Sep 2021

Ships: The biggest, fastest, and most modern ships for trade, passengers, and the military.

Not for nothing are the most gigantic vehicles in the world to be found on water. Even today, ships continue to be the means of transporting consumer goods. Whoever manages to transport the most goods at one time over the seven seas makes the biggest profit.

This category of Ultimate Vehicle also provides the largest spectrum of propulsion designs: from wind power, to huge ship engines as big as houses, to aircraft turbines and fuel cells.

The OOCL Hong Kong is the biggest container ship in the world. A symbol of international trade and the globalized world. For the first time, a single ship is sailing the seven seas with more than 21,000 containers on board. Now we’ll see if what was projected by computer simulations also works in practice.

Its dimensions are equally gigantic, but instead of containers it loads cars and commercial vehicles. The Höegh Traveller is the biggest automobile transport ship in the world. A swimming parking lot with 8,500 vehicles on board.

The Sea Cloud was once the most luxurious and fastest sailing ship in the world. A meeting place for Hollywood stars and diplomats. Today it is the world’s oldest active cruise ship. The handsailed ship is one of the last of its generation.

Some consider it the the Concorde of the water: the HSC Francisco. Its turbines were developed from aircraft technology, making it the fastest commercial ship in the world. On the route between Buenos Aires in Argentina and Montevideo in Uruguay, it competes with airplanes.

The U212A is one of the most modern submarines in the world and the first with fuel-cell propulsion. Designed for silent and invisible coastal defense. This technologically fascinating and mysterious ship rounds out the episode.

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