travel vlog: airport all-nighter + 21 day quarantine (at a hotel..)

17 Apr 2022

Hi besties~
I hope you guys are having a great holiday season! Very sadly, I spent almost the entire December locked up in a hotel room so i hope y’all had more fun than i did… BUT I tried to capture how my life changed during quarantine so here is the video!
I don’t think I explained it that well during the vlog so I just wanted to clarify that I am going back to Korea soon and just came back to Hong Kong to renew my citizenship here :) I lived in HK before Korea for around 11 years and haven’t been back in so long so I’m so excited to explore the city again hehe.
Have a nice day and be safe !

I’ll try to answer questions in the comments so feel free to ask away :)) and please give me future video ideas !!

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More info about me 💓
Ethnicity: Korean
Nationality: Korean and Hong Kongese
Birthday: June 17, 2005
Height: 157cm

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