The Pen (Award winning short film at AFF 2023)

19 Aug 2023

"This is a story about a very special pen called Max and a very broken young man named Samuel. Max is a sort of pen with a rare magic of consciousness and Samuel is a sort of young man with severe anxiety and depression. He believes academic success is the only success in life. He failed his tenth standard exam twice in a row. As Samuel heads possibly towards his third failure in a row, Max must deliver him to his true destiny or Samuel could be a victim of his own adamant belief. He is one failure away from stepping up the noose. But can a pen succeed where Families have failed?"

Starring : @ponio.dora @joram_manna , Joram Rempui , Joram Ania

Director, Cinematographer, Editor : @joram_jonah

Written by : @dusupai

Asst. Director: Joram Nana

Huge thanks to Jompi Ete for sharing her arts and Gyamar Nanam for helping us with both arts and the art gallery. This film would have been incomplete without the help of these two brilliant artists.

Also a big thanks to my big family for helping me out whenever I needed them.

Music : where words ends by @Robert Gromotka - Topic

Aero by @tisakorean8112

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