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08 Oct 2021

Welcome To Nagaland! (2/3) DZULEKE & KHONOMA - The villages in Nagaland.

I visited Nagaland in the month of April and had the opportunity to open my mind to endless experiences! For the longest time, Nagaland and the whole of North East has been so neglected: tourism wise and also culturally :(. So I took the plunge to discover the beautiful state myself, with two other creators- Tanya Khanijow & Namrata Menon. These girls have been the most lovely to travel with :)
This is Part 2 of the Nagaland series #TakeMeToNagaland! there are 3 in total! please watch part 1 because it's super fun and features the cities - Dimapur & Kohima ( the capital of Nagaland)

🙏🙏Things to remember when you plan your travel:🙏🙏

🙏Dzuleke has a total of ONLY 5 homestays. You have to book your stay in advance because you do not want to be stranded in the village with no roof. Try the homestay I stayed in, or Anisie Homestay on Airbnb.

🙏There is absolutely no internet or phone signal in Dzuleke. LOVELY!

🙏You need an ILP-(Inner Line Permit) to enter the state of Nagaland. You can apply here—

🙏Commute in the city is pretty straightforward. You can use the local rickshaws, or hire a car to go around. The roads are super bumpy especially in Dimapur & Kohima, so be prepared :D

🙏The food scene is very much different than mainland. Vegetarians options are available, but make sure you mention you’re vegetarian since they also tend to cook their veggies in pork fat. Nagaland thrives on pork and beef, and a lot of things you don’t see in the rest of the country. I suggest that you visit with an open mind, else it will be super difficult to survive. I personally loved the food. :D

🙏Make sure you have enough cash on you. It’s advisable to carry cash from home since it was even hard to find ATMs.

🙏Homestays are the best way to experience the local living. Since the people are super friendly, the hosts are lovely to interact with and know so many things about the Naga culture.

🙏Do a lot of research before you visit. The state has 16 different tribes and they speak different dialects. Read about their lifestyle and food.

🙏Carry your rainwear and warm clothes since the weather is pretty unpredictable. The best time to travel according to me is December (for Hornbill festival ) and also April.

🙏Nagaland is a dry state! :P

🙏Nagaland is a state full of beauty and the nicest people I've ever come across. The misconceptions about this magic land are hilarious! So do not believe anything else you hear about this place. We stayed here for 10 days and had no issues, problems at all! Trust me! Your next travel, must be planned for the north-east especially NAGALANDDD!

💋Also, thanks to Tanya and Namrata, for helping me film so many shots!

This video, and the rest of the videos of the Nagaland series are in collaboration with Tanya Khanijow! and also in collaboration with the super talented cinematographer - Namrata Menon :* Love you my mungi :*

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