**Award Winning** CGI Animated Short Film:

23 Mar 2024

**Award Winning** CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Cat and Moth Animated Short Film by India Barnardo. Featured on CGMeetup https://www.cgmeetup.com/gallery

A fluffy white cat wants nothing more than to find the most comfortable spot in the universe,
but little does she know someone else has their eye on it too.

We meet Ditto, a fluffy plump and sleepy white cat. However, the universe seems out to get
her as she tries to find the most comfortable spot to take her nap. She finally falls upon the
most wonderful warm yellow cushion she's ever pounced upon. No spot has ever been so
comfortable. But little does she know a fuzzy winged intruder, Monty, has his eye on it too.
Monty is by no way bashful in disturbing Ditto's slumber. He is inherently attracted to warm
bright spots, but you'd think he'd stay loyal to the all-seeing light in the sky...but that cushion
is so goddamn comfy! Monty will go to any lengths to knock Ditto from that comfy spot, but at
what consequence?

Director: India Barnardo https://www.catandmoth.com/
Story - India Barnardo, Amar Chundavadra & Martyn Smith
Creative CG Supervisor - Amar Chundavadra
Producers - Emily Shinyi Hsu and Sarah Dacey
Editor - Martyn Smith
Music - Liv Muir Wilson
Sound Design - Andreas Russo

Additional Compositing Artist: Eduardo Velasquez
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CGI Animated Short Film: "Cat and Moth" by India Barnardo | @CGMeetup ​


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