WHEN WE DANCED | Award-Winning Short Film (2023)

23 Mar 2024

WHEN WE DANCED is an award-winning short film (Best Short Film -Jury Award and Best Editing) about a Filipino manong who left his homeland in search of a better life in America. As he grapples with his own unfulfilled dreams, he discovers a newfound purpose in teaching his grandson how to dance, leading to a transformative journey of love, loss, and self-discovery.

Writer, Director, Producer: Ryan Moore
Producer: Anthony Francisco
Director of Photography: Mikul Eriksson
Score Producer: Lorne Balfe
Composers: Max Aruj & Steffen Thum
VFX Producer: Chris Grun

IG: @WhenWeDanced

Associate Producer: Eric Freedman
Production Coordinator: Lukas Fiechter
Additional Footage: Neil Fernandez
1st AD: Taylor Thai
2nd AD: Jules Baner, Reese Ragusa
Gaffer: Hiram Borges
BBE: Malik Dowdy, Karim Dakkon
KG: Carl Stewart
BBG: Daymian Mejia
1st AC: Chris Galano
2nd AC: Steve Wysywaniuk
Sound Recordist: Jordan Hood-Taylor
Swing: Giovanni Palacino, Erik Glode, Gerardo Fragoza, Miguel Escalona, Khoi Nguyen, Echan Kuem, Daniel Boynton
Choreography: Brian Arandez, Phil Tayag
Costume Designer: Alda Mayella Gamil
Assistant Costume Designer: Maggie Chan
Costume Consultant: Phil Boutte
Costume Illustrator: Justina Son
Storyboard Artists: Kayla Eremita, Jeni Francisco
H&MU: Robin Quimbao, Sandie Chin, Michaela Chin
Farm Set Contractor: Lloyd Radlein
DJ Booth Set Up: Norbert Jopanda
Driver: Benjamin Booth
Tutor: Jean Erikson
Catering: Liza Francisco
Assistant Editor: Nicanor Evans
Additional Editing: Lenny Mesina
Roto Artist: Aaron Nelson-Purcell
Compositor: Ethan Chancer

October is Filipino American History Month, learn more about the manongs by visiting whenwedanced.film FAHM

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