The Forbidden Zone | Award Winning Stop-Motion Short film

23 Mar 2024

Dumont has been surviving in isolation, and living miserably in the remnants of his past. Until one day, a magical creature made entirely of light crashes outside of his bunker. This unexpected disturbance forces Dumont to make a choice, whether he will remain stuck in the safety of the past, or take the leap forward into the unknown. Dumont chooses the dangerous path of discovery and makes the pilgrimage across The Forbidden Zone to bring the creature safely home to the top of the red mountain.

This film is a love letter to those who embrace the unknown, and walk through the fog to come out free of the fears that bind them. The impossible becomes possible and the fog lifts away to reveal something even better than you had imagined. After all, climbing to the peak doesn’t always lead where you think, and the smallest spark can bring new life to the darkest of places.

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