Sci-Fi Fantasy Short Film

26 Dec 2022

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A former cop works in purgatory and processes people going to heaven or hell. One day, his 20-year-old son appears.

"The Gray" by Myra Aquino

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More About "The Gray":
Perez is a former cop who has been judged to be morally “gray”— someone who is neither good nor evil. As penalty for not choosing a moral lane, he’s been forced to take a job in purgatory to process people going to heaven or hell. One day, his 20-year old son appears— full of both yearning and resentment for his father— and he gets into a series of shenanigans to stay in purgatory with Perez.

Under pressure from his supervisor, Perez decides to kick his son out of purgatory, but instead of sending him to heaven (or hell), he commits the ultimate sin and sends his son back to Earth, even if it means that Perez will spend eternity in hell. In the end, however, Perez’s actions are judged to be sacrificial and for the good of his son, and he is thus finally sent to heaven.

"The Gray" Credits:
Director Myra Aquino
Writer Myra Aquino
1st Assistant Director Martin Yang
Line Producers Ceren Bulca, Yousef Assabahi, Kady Le
Script Supervisor Bisi Chung

Director of Photography Hsing Che Lin
1st Assistant Camera Julia Angley
2nd Assistant Camera Paul Sheets

Gaffer Patrick Boyd
Swing G&E Paul Sheets

Sound Mixer Hailong Niu
Devin Loring Boom Operator

Costume Designer Jien Sun
Assistant Costume Designer Caroline Skubik
Assistant Costume Designer Alejandra Madrigal-Avina

Hair and Makeup Arist Armee Jacob

Production Designer Anais Bernard
Assistant Production Designer Akeira Narayandas

Perez Caesar James
Carlo Nand Mahasuwan
Briggs Monique Chachere
Lucy Mary Burkin
Edgar John Atkins
Marta Tita Pambid
Guard 1 Ben Cassidy
Guard 2 Nikki O
Craig Eero Liu
Background Cast Lambert Grand, Victor Montaserio,
Johanna Thea, Isaac Rodriguez,
Alejandra Madrigal-Avina, Paul Sheets,
Patrick Boyd, Bisi Chung

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