PURGATORY - Award-Winning Domestic Violence Short Film (Gaslighting, Coercive Control, Abuse)

19 Aug 2023

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***TRIGGER WARNING - This film contains scenes of domestic violence, emotional abuse, drug abuse and sexual assault.***

Lilith wakes up to the perfect man, or so he seems...

This low-budget social-realism independent short film is Jack Stockley's directorial debut. Purgatory was made to raise awareness about the early to mid-stage signs of a controlling, violent or abusive relationship.

DV, also known as domestic violence, domestic abuse, family violence and intimate partner violence is found across all genders, cultures and social classes.

Not all abusive relationships are violent relationships but when they are - there’s been a long process of mental and psychological abuse that has paved the way first.
Recognising the early signs of an abusive relationship could save a life:
*On average, 2 women are killed every week by current or ex-partners.
*During Covid-19 lockdowns, the number of cases has grown exponentially - in the first 3 weeks alone, 14 women and 2 children were murdered in family violence.

The themes covered in this short film are emotional manipulation, humiliation, unpredictable mood swings, isolation from the victim’s support network, intimidation tactics, lowering of self-esteem and more.

AVA Against Violence & Abuse, GDASS Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service, Kaleidoscope UK, National Centre for Domestic Violence, Respect Phoneline, Stepping Stones (Luton) and Women’s Aid.

Independent review by
@FilmForums: https://bit.ly/purgatory-2021-ff-review

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Written & Directed by: Jack Stockley
Produced by: Jack Stockley
Executive Producer: Louise Stockley
Production Company: Blue Muse Productions
Starring: Shaylyn Gibson, Scott Hume
1st A/D: Bernadeta Beange
Cinematographer: Peter Garajszki
1st A/C: Joshua Dadson
2nd A/C: Tom Phelps
Gaffer: Jorge Higgins
Spark: Matthias Djan
Sound Recordist: Liam Cromby
Costume Designer: Sophie Sims
Hair & MU: Aine Thomas
Editor & DIT: Cameron Rozard
Colourist: Sara Buxton
Sound Designer & Re-recording Mixer: Ryan Green
Dialogue Editor & Re-recording Mixer: Alex Symeonides
Composer: Tom Rackham
Digital Artist: Justine Hume
Runner: Finlay Stanley
Special Thanks:
- ShootBlue - Camera & Lighting hire
- Goldcrest Studios

- Mixed at Pinewood Studios

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