Harry & Meghan: A New Life In Hollywood (FULL MOVIE)

26 Dec 2022

Has the Duke & Duchess of Sussex dramatic exit from royal duties changed royal history forever? This is Harry & Meghan...A New Life In Hollywood.

Ever since the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex left royal life for Los Angeles tension has mounted between the two households. The world demanded answers and so much more than they could have ever imagined after the infamous interview rocked the world and left the royal family on the brink of disaster. Has their dramatic exit from royal duties changed royal history forever? The decision was clear - duty or love? They opted for a quieter life away from royal duties, although it is obvious that the public and media interest in their daily lives will never truly subside. Will their decision to start a new life in America distance them in more than just miles from Harry's royal family? Their new life in Hollywood has indeed changed the course of royal history forever. This is Harry & Meghan... A New Life in Hollywood.

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