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23 Mar 2024

"Friendship" is a short film about two childhood friends whose bond transcends their differing personalities and ethnic backgrounds. It follows their life journey, showcasing how they maintain their connection through various trials, celebrations, and the passage of time.

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Director's Statement:
In the isolating times of the Covid-19 pandemic, I reflected on the nature of friendships – the ones that are fleeting, and those rare, enduring ones that withstand the test of time. This contemplation led to the realization that while not all friendships last, the ones that do are invaluable. "Friendship" is a tribute to these lasting connections.

The film, drawing from my personal experiences, narrates the story of two women from diverse backgrounds who meet in high school. Their journey through life, despite diverging paths due to family and career, is a testament to the enduring nature of their bond, surviving life's highs and lows.

"Friendship" aims to celebrate the beauty of reconnection, evoking nostalgia and encouraging viewers to rekindle their own meaningful friendships. It highlights the importance of human bonds in preventing the loneliness and depression often associated with isolation, underscoring the idea that connection is essential to our well-being.

"Friendship" has not only resonated with audiences but also garnered critical acclaim, receiving over 25 selections at prestigious national and international film festivals. This widespread recognition reflects the film's universal appeal and its profound message. Among its accolades, the film won an IndieFEST Film Award, placing it alongside other high-profile winners, including the 2021 Academy Award-winning "If Anything Happens I Love You." It was also nominated for the Montreal Independent Film Festival, a distinguished event that draws Cannes award winners, Oscar nominees, and innovative independent films. These awards highlight the film's exceptional storytelling, artistic merit, and its significant impact on both critics and viewers, solidifying its place as a notable work in the realm of short films.

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