Chaara | Award winning short film | Alam Khan | Adanj Production (CONTENT WARNING)

30 Jan 2024

We all love food but what are the chances of your favorite delicacy leaving you an impact that can last a lifetime?
Inspired by a real incident - CHAARA

A piece of our craft that came out from a fun experiment that we and Alam Khan(Kota Factory sensation) tried to make something together. An idea that came into existence, got multiple national and international awards.

Kudos to the whole team.
Cast Alam Khan
Written By Yenika Singh | Adarsh Gupta
Director Adarsh Gupta
Supporting actor Yashi Singh | Chandralok Pratap Singh | Rahul Singh Rathore
Assistant Director Yashi Kaushal
Creative Producer Yenika Singh | Executive Producer Nitesh Rajesh
Production Manager/Location Sound Engineer Gaurav Nema
DOP Adarsh Gupta
First Ac Aakarshan Sahu | Second Ac Palash Singh Rajput | Third Ac Chetan Parnekar
Production asst. Sneh Vishwakarma | Akshay Saxena
Editor, Colorist Adarsh Gupta
Background Music Nitesh Rajesh
Sound Design And Foley Nitesh Rajesh

Soundtrack - Before I Go
Written, Composed And Produced By Nitesh Rajesh
Vocals Charoo Bakshi
Drums Akshay Saxena
Sound Recordist Gaurav Nema

Makeup And Costume
Chief Makeup Artist And Stylist Yenika Singh
Assistant Makeup Artist Mariyam Khan

Special Thanks
Dr. Uday Roman
Harendra Singh
Archana Singh
Swapnil Namdev
Jalaj Jain
Ankur Saxena
Kuldeep Katariya

Adanj Studio:
Adarsh Gupta:

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