Award-winning Hindi short movie – Bena | A touching story of a woman’s struggle who works as a maid

18 Jun 2022

After a set of jewelry goes missing, the police search Bena's bag. Her employers, Bhai and Bhabhi, are shocked to see the contents. They throw her out and Bena spends the day calling people for jobs. The family driver calls Bena and informs her that the set was found. Bena knew that the set would be found as it was misplaced not stolen. Next, she gets a call for a new job. Bena finds out that her employer Bhabhi had recommended Bena. Why was Bena thrown out of her job? What in the bag?

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Vrushali Telang
Producer: Farzana Sarup
Cinematographer/Dop: John Wilmor
Editor: Abhishek Gupta
Music: Antara Vaidya
Executive Producer: Sal Logde
Sound: Akhilesh Kumar Gupta
Sound Design: Prashant Kamble
Art Director: Maitry Surti
Assistant Director: Ilaria Sarup
Assistant Director: Ishika Menrai
Make-Up Artist: Ranjan Gaikwad
Hair Stylist: Pallavi Gaikwad

Bena: Juhaina Ahsan
Bhabhi: Archana Patel
Bhai: Abbas Syed
Ma: Swaroopa Ghosh
Police Inspector: Pratap Phad
Ketan Driver: Rayan Madan

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