Aftermath When The Earth Stops Spinning(full documentary)HD

21 Sep 2021

The spin of the Earth starts slowing down dramatically. It is estimated Earth would stop spinning in as little as 5 years. The first effect is the isolation between the Global Positioning System satellites and ground-based atomic clocks. Then stock markets crash because of uncertainty about humanity's future. As times goes on the oceanic bulge of water at the equator moves northward and southward. The water floods Russia, Canada, and Antarctica. The atmosphere, once shaking solar heat out over the world and shifting air, stops and whirls to the poles. The air starts to thin at the equator and people have to migrate to more northerly and southerly cities in order to keep up with denser air. There is a higher risk of ultraviolet radiation as the electromagnetic field weakens because of the slowing inner core. The slowing Earth causes friction between the crust and the inner and outer cores, creating tremendous earthquakes.

The Cosmos:Narrated By Morgan Freeman:

Biggest Most Complex Machine in History:

Lightning Sprites at the Edge of Space:

Biggest Things in The Universe:

Killer Asteroids in Our Universe:

Can Mars be Colonized ?:

Wild and Destructive Weather:

Hubble:Exploring the Universe:

Hubble:Exploring the Milkyway:

Neil Armstrong the First Human on The Moon:

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