'Wireless' | Award Winning Short Film by Son of a Fritz

23 Mar 2024

'Wireless' is an award winning short film that tells the story of James; a lonely man who arrives at a cell phone store past closing in hopes of finding closure.

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From our Film Festival friends...

“Wireless is compassionate , well crafted and a highlight of the Smodcastle Film Festival“
- SMODCastle Film Festival, Official Selection 2022

“Awesome Con Short Film Festival has an amazing audience who's known for their large experience of pop culture and films, and after the screening of Wireless, they were almost in tears, they knew they saw something special. That's the true beauty of Wireless. It was an honor to have the film be part of our festival." 
-Awesome Con Short Film Festival, Official Selection 2019

“An emotionally touching piece with achingly authentic performances”
–The IndieFest Film Awards, Award of Excellence, Special Mention 2019

IMDB: : https://imdb.to/3YVJqDt
Instagram: @WirelessMovie
Facebook: @WirelessFilm
Contact: Info@WirelessFilm.com

Awards from previous Film Festival Selections:

* South Dakota Film Festival 2019 - Best Narrative Short Film
* Independent Film Festival Boston 2019 - Audience Award
* Enginuity Film Festival 2019 - Best Lead Actor, Short Film, Elliott Bales
* Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase 2019 - 'In This Together' Genre Award
* Clifton Film Celebration 2018 - Best Overall Film
* Clifton Film Celebration 2018 - Best Director, Short Film
* Clifton Film Celebration 2018 - Audience Choice Award
* Independent Shorts Awards 2018 - Best Acting Duo
* Independent Shorts Awards 2018 - Best Indie Short
* Poe Film Festival 2018 - Best Original Short Film
* Northern Virginia International Film Festival 2018 - James Christopher Jury Award
* Best Shorts Competition September 2018 - Award of Excellence, Special Mention
* IndieFest Film Awards Fall 2017 - Award of Excellence, Special Mention

Additional Film Festival Selections:

* Richmond Film Network Short Film Series 2023
* SMODCastle Film Festival 2022
* Dakota Film Festival 2020
* Awesome Con Short Film Festival 2019
* Macon Film Festival 2019
* Ocean City Film Festival 2019
* Lancaster International Short Film Festival 2018
* Reel Independent Film Extravaganza 2018
* Austin Revolution Film Festival 2018
* Richmond International Film Festival 2018

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