रिस्क RISK Full Hindi Movie | Bollywood Action Movie | Randeep Hooda, Vinod Khanna, Tanushree Dutta

09 Apr 2023

Presenting Bollywood Movies Full Movie (Hindi Action Movie, Bollywood Movies, फुल हिंदी मूवी, बॉलीवुड मूवी) "रिस्क RISK ". Exclusively On @dimensionpictures

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Modern day Bombay is ruled by Bangkok-based underworld don, Khalid Bin Jamal, who has the Home Minister, A.R. Sarang, as well as the Police Commissioner on his payroll. Khalid would like to get rid of a number of thorns on his side, namely S.P. Naidu, a former aide; A.R. Sarang, who has been flip-flopping; and Bombay Police's Encounter Specialist Suryakanth Satham. He manages to sway Sarang on his side, arranges for Suryakanth to be be suspended, charged with killing two innocent bystanders, and held in a cell. Khalid reaches an understanding with Suryakanth, who is immediately released and is reinstated - with a condition that he must kill Naidu and his followers. Suryakanth ruthlessly does away with Naidu's followers, but spares Naidu himself - who is eventually killed by Arbaaz and Hari, Khalid's brother and henchman respectively. It is then that Suryakanth shows his true colors - when he shoots Arbaaz and Hari in an 'encounter' after the violent death of the Home Minister. The Central Bureau of Investigation (C.B.I.) move quickly and arrest Khalid himself and hold him behind bars. It is here that Suryakanth will find out that Khalid is far more powerful and influential than he ever imagined - he will find his life being turned upside down; he will be forced to send his girlfriend, Shradha, to an undisclosed location - while he himself will be suspended again pending an inquiry into his conduct - while Khalid, with the help of aspiring Chief Minister, Devki Wardhan, will soon be given a clean chit by the C.B.I. themselves.

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